University of the Philippines

Pledge of Loyalty of Alumni

As I leave the University, I pledge to remain loyal to the standards and ideals that have guided the paths of many others before me. I promise to be a productive member of society who defends equality, truth and justice, champions coexistence with nature, and searches for knowledge for the benefit of the larger community. Wherever I find myself in the world, I will give importance to:

Honor - I will espouse the highest levels of integrity and honesty in the practice of my profession and vocation.

Excellence – I will commit myself to life-long learning, fearless of experimentation, of failure and of self-correction.

Leadership – I will continue to challenge myself to innovate, and to create and introduce progressive and constructive change that respects diversity.

Public mindedness – I will strive to live a life of balance in pursuit of the greater, higher, long-term good.

Finally, I pledge to HELP the University, in any way I can, so that it can continue to provide world-class education and training to students regardless of age, sex, nationality, religious belief and political affiliation. I will support the University in developing the talents, skills and knowledge of future leaders, in shaping the minds that will shape the nation and the world.