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Campaigns To Support

There are several campaigns you can support when you give to UP. Your gift may be forwarded to the university's General Donation Fund, or to any of the campaigns listed below. Thank you!

Kaagapay sa Pag-aaral

The COVID-19 crisis has placed more than 5,600 UP students in danger of not being able to continue their education because they cannot afford the technology and tools that have now become integral to learning.

The University of the Philippines invites you to be their "kaagapay" - someone who shares their burden and eases their struggles - in this difficult and rapidly evolving times. With your support, the Iskolar ng Bayan will receive desktop computers or laptops and Internet connectivity, allowing them to move forward and ultimately reach their goal of graduating.

Please visit for more information. For assistance, you may get in touch with the Kaagapay Secretariat at 0945 235 5197 or [email protected].

General Donation Fund

The General Donation Fund provides the University of the Philippines the flexibility to use your donations for its various programs and activities.

Student Scholarships

All students of the University of the Philippines (UP) receive financial support from the National Government. Given that UP students come from all walks of life, there are those who may not be able to afford paying the full cost of studying at UP. This scholarship fund provides additional subsidy and other forms of financial assistance for UP students.

For additional information on Student Scholarships, please see the photos below:

Professorial Chairs and Faculty Grants

UP is key to national development

We recruit the brightest students in the country and our excellent faculty transforms them into leaders and experts who serve in the academe, government, civil society, and industry. At the same time, our faculty members conduct research to produce knowledge which is crucial for innovation and national competitiveness and they impart expert knowledge to government and the community through public service and extension work. We need the support of our alumni and friends to keep our talented faculty and students in UP.

UP has thousands of faculty members to support

We need funds for professorial chairs and faculty grants to augment the low salaries of around half of our close to 4,000 faculty members. We have funds to take care of 800 and are looking for outside donations for about a thousand more. Thousands more will enable us to award more Professorial Chairs and Faculty Grants.

Source: UP System Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs (OVPAA)

For additional information on Professorial Chairs and Faculty Grants, please see the photos below:

Research Fund

Research has always been embedded in the culture of the University of the Philippines. As mandated by RA 9500, or the UP Charter of 2008, the University shall lead in initiating innovations in research, and serve as a research university by promoting and implementing research and development in various fields of expertise.

Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Research and Development (OVCRD) Funding

Outright Research Grants. These aim to support UPD researchers and creative workers embarking on start-up projects. The grants may co-fund major projects and are available to research or creative works in any field from all academic clusters in the University.

Thesis and Dissertation Grants. The grants assist UPD personnel in the completion of their MA/MS theses or PhD dissertations—requirements for graduate degrees. The grants support theses and dissertation works in any academic discipline.

PhD Incentive Awards. These provide the necessary incentive and support to UPD faculty members and Research, Extension and Professional Staff (REPS) that recently obtained their PhDs to establish their research or creative work in UPD. The award is also an incentive for the new PhD holders to publish their dissertations in reputable, refereed journals or exhibit their creations in prestigious venues or events. In this way, the grantee can begin establishing a publication record or exhibition record that will strengthen his/her chances of obtaining future grants for further research or creative work.

Open Grants. These support UPD interdisciplinary, multi-disciplinary or cross-disciplinary research or creative works of highest standards. It is hoped these research or creative works will lead to evidence-based interventions, breakthrough policies, notable creative works, and/or innovative technologies with excellent socio-economic potential.

Source of Solutions Grants (SOS). The grants provide funding to support commissioned research or creative work on results-oriented projects or programs, open innovation solutions, or front-end ideation to R&D addressing immediate challenges and pressing concerns of/in UPD. These aim to promote the strategic value of UPD as a microcosm of Philippine society and therefore a great source of solutions (SOS) to many of the most difficult national problems (in education, risk and disaster management, land use, transportation, community safety, etc).

Research Dissemination Grants (RDG)

RDG is used for purposes of allowing faculty members to present research papers at international conferences.

Research and Creative Work Load Credits (Without Project Funding)

This supports UPD/UPDEPP faculty members doing research/creative work without project funding. Through this, a faculty’s teaching load is reduced to 12 units per semester or 24 units per academic year.

UP System Grants

Emerging S&T Fields Grant. This supports inter/multi-disciplinary research programs or projects related to the Board of Regents-approved list of emerging fields in S&T.

External Grants

Science and Engineering Graduate Scholarship (SEGS) Grant. This aims to improve the nation’s scientific and engineering human resources in pursuit of the desire to make the country a major player in the global economy. The partner institution for this grant is the Commission on Higher education.

Source: UP Diliman Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Development (OVCRD)

Infrastructure Fund

Help build new classrooms and facilities, or renovate existing infrastructure in the university.

Help A Dorm

We’ve done our best to provide good temporary homes for our boarding students. In Diliman, we’ve rebuilt and upgraded old dorms, while building new ones, equipped with modern facilities and comforts. But sometimes, even our best can fall a bit short.

Remember your old dorm? Away from prying eyes, time and the weather can do a lot of damage as we ourselves discovered. We need your help to make sure that every UP dormer gets the same break you did.

To build better futures, we need to build better living spaces for our best and brightest. Please give to the HELP A DORM campaign today.

Click on the button below and make a difference to a dormer’s future.


Donations are now being accepted to help the College of Arts and Letters (CAL) and the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy (CSSP) get back on their feet after the Faculty Center fire in U.P. Diliman.

Kaibigan ng Pahinungód

The Ugnayan ng Pahinungód, the volunteer service program of UP, deploys UP alumni as volunteer teachers called Gurong Pahinungód to underserved communities for one school year.

This year, through a Memorandum of Agreement between UP and the Ministry of Basic, Higher and Technical Education of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (BARMM), we have deployed volunteer teachers to areas in BARMM. We need your support to be able to send more volunteers to these areas and reach learners who need help.

Through your contributions, our volunteer teachers will be provided with their daily allowance and other needs to fulfill their mission of helping provide quality education to the Filipino youth.

To donate for the Kaibigan ng Pahinungód, please click the button below.

UP Carillon Magazine

The UP Carillon Magazine is the official publication of the Alumni of the University of the Philippines. It provides a direct communication link to our alumni with stories and updates on campus developments, alumni updates, and other relevant information that will galvanize their sense of connection to the University. It has been published as a quarterly newsletter since the 1950s but was discontinued in 2008 due to the financial issues. In 2017, the UP Carillon was re-launched as an annual full-color Alumni Magazine to meet the information needs of our alumni who prefer a hard copy over the online magazine option. About 2,000 units of UP Carillon Magazine are distributed during UP Alumni Homecoming events in the Philippines and abroad.

However, with the advent of the Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education (RA 10931), which provides for free tuition and other school fees in State Universities and Colleges, the UPS-OAR can no longer collect Alumni Fees to cover the publication costs of the UP Carillon Magazine.

In this light, we would like to seek your support for the continued production and publication of UP Carillon Magazine, which inspires our alumni to take an active interest in building a university that is relevant to the changing times.

To donate for the UP Carillon Magazine, please click the button below.

PGC Para Sa Bayan

To donate for the Philippine Genome Center, please click the button below.

UP Fights COVID-19!

To donate for the UP Community, please click the button below.

To see the list of donors, please click here.

Tulong ng UP sa Marawi

The University of the Philippines is accepting donations for our brothers and sisters in Marawi City. You may donate to the UP Foundation, Inc. with bank details:

Account Name: UP Foundation, Inc.
Account Number: 102270018964
Bank: Unionbank Commonwealth Branch

Deposits in any Unionbank branch shall carry no inter-branch fee.

Source: UP System Website

Padayon Fund

The Padayon UP Public Service Office

The Padayon UP Public Service Office is the UP President’s action on the resolution of the 2009 Faculty Conference stating that UP must be both a research university and a public service University, with the present crises in the Philippines as frame of reference for its public service activities.

The Padayon UP shall:

  • Coordinate and monitor all public service modalities and volunteer programs throughout the UP System, help document the various public service activities of the University, and in cooperation with the UP System Information Office, disseminate these activities, programs and information to the UP community, other universities, policy makers, local governments, and the general public;
  • Assist CUs in initiating, implementing and evaluating public service initiatives toward developing a relevant, strategic, sustainable and systematic public service program consistent with the mandate of RA9500 and promotion of the One UP;
  • Review the conduct of public service activities and programs and recommend to the President policies to ensure system-wide replication of successful programs, fund innovative activities, and create an award system for individuals and programs that increase institutional visibility for UP consistent with the promotion of One UP;
  • Transmit to appropriate agencies for timely legislative, executive, or private sector action such policy studies emanating from UP CUs, research units, extension projects, including those generated from evaluation and impact assessments of public service projects; and
  • Upon instructions of the President, coordinate the delivery of immediate, focused and strategic technical assistance to various publics that need assistance.

The 2009 Faculty conference specifically recommends the establishment of a system-wide organization to coordinate public service and allocate from 2% to 10% of UP’s income to its public service program. To this end, the Padayon UP Public Service Office shall develop a strategic public service framework and a system for designing, linking, and sustaining public service programs that are relevant, pragmatic, strategic, timely and pioneering.

Source: Padayon UP Public Service Office

UP Athletics Fund

This fund aims to provide additional support to UP’s various varsity athletic teams. This fund will be utilized to sustain and develop both athletes and athletic programs of the College of Human Kinetics.